Chelsey Bourassa – Mothers to be Mentor

June 22, 2020 in:

I was born in Pouce Coupe B.C. and have lived most of my life in North Western Alberta with the farthest community being Fort Vermilion Alberta.  I made my way out East and moved to Plamondon in 1998 and have lived in St. Paul, St. Albert and found my way back to Lac La Biche in 2012.  I have worked in various areas of Customer Service, Retail and Automotive. I Graduated from the Office Administration program at Portage College in St. Paul in 2010.  Upon graduation I packed up my 3 children and made the move to St. Albert and gained employment at NorQuest College as a Program Administrator for the Upgrading Department.  This is where I really gained my love and appreciation of helping people achieve their goals and assist them in making the right steps and choices to advance their education.  I worked with various types of students from numerous backgrounds and cultures and I truly gained an appreciation for the perseverance of the Adult Student.  In 2012 I again packed up the kids and we made the move to Lac La Biche and where I returned to where I had planted some roots at Portage College.  My first position for 4 months was Reception and then a position for a Student Advisor became available and was chosen for the role.  My caseload was Business and Academic Upgrading which then eventually changed after 2 years of Advising, I then became the Lead Funding Agent for AB Works Grant Funding and continued advising for Academic Upgrading. I remained in this position for 5.5 years then took a new position as the Indigenous Liaison Officer- Indigenous Relations.  This new role had me working with our Indigenous Communities within our Region and building customized programming, although the role was busy and had me traveling; which I love to do, I missed working with the Students and being in a frontline role.  I resigned my position and stayed in a casual position with the College assisting with Recruitment and Recreation and then the role for the Mothers to Be Mentor with LCFSAD was open and I applied with the excitement that I could be back in a frontline position helping woman in a different way. 

As for my personal life, I am a recent empty nester! My youngest child turned 18 in December finished grade 12 in February and has recently moved to White Rock B.C., I was a teen Mom at 16 so I must say as lonely as it could be some days, I am somewhat enjoying the freedom.  I have 2 other children (Daughters) the oldest is 27 and the middle child is 20, I also have a 7-year-old Grandson who loves to have his special Grandma sleep over dates.  I look forward to working with the Clients in the Mothers to Be Mentorship program and believe that my own personal experiences and the knowledge I have gained throughout my professional career with bring some light and guidance to our ladies.