Della Thalheimer – Front Line Worker – 2nd Floor Women’s Recovery Centre

May 23, 2018 | In:

My education includes 1 year of university and several night classes in human behaviour, psychology, communications, and other credited courses. Each one has helped me earn my early childhood diploma. I’ve worked about 15 years in various childcare settings, 5 years were spent at the Dove Centre and I’ve been with the 2nd floor for 5 years and counting. I’ve also been working on a casual basis for the Bonnyville Daycare. Providing support for clients that are diagnosed with FASD or struggling with addictions can be very challenging but also rewarding. I enjoy meeting new clients, supporting, learning, listening to their struggles and accomplishments. My heart goes out to all clients making the huge step in seeking help, I find that they’re incredibly courageous. As a bright young man said to me, “Mom, no one wants to be an addict.” During my free time I enjoy participating in the Parkinson walk every year in Bonnyville. I also have 5 children and 5 grandchildren from ages 3 to 43 which I brag about to whomever will listen..



The Lakeland Centre for FASD provides cost-free programs and services in the Cold Lake, Bonnyville, St. Paul and Lac la Biche areas, as well as on First Nations and Métis Settlements through Alberta.

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