Diane Gillan – Post Diagnostic Outreach Worker

February 11, 2019 in:

Hi, my name is Diane Gillan. I am excited to be a Post Diagnostic Outreach Worker at the LCFASD!

I was part of the initial Lakeland FAS/FAE committee meetings and have been very pleased to see the great strides made by this organization in the services provided to those with FASD as well as the education and prevention aspects.

I worked as a child support and front line worker at the Dr. Margaret Savage Crisis Centre for 22 years and at the Cold Lake Outreach school as a developmental assistant and student advocacy counselor for 12 years.

I was born and raised in Cold Lake/Cherry Grove area. I have been happily married for almost 35 years, we have two adult children, 3 and ¾’s beautiful amazing grandchildren and 3 adorable granddogs. I love living in the country, baking, reading, having a big garden, riding my horses and sharing our space with family and friends.

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