June 25, 2018 | In:

As we are getting ready for another year of summer camp, we are reflecting on some memories from last year. Here is a personal favourite of mine:

For our Girls 11-13 week we had 3 campers. I think we all know this can be a troublesome number because it’s easy for someone to feel left out. As was expected, two of the girls formed a special friendship, but rather than excluding the other girl they were very conscious of including her without any instruction to do so from the camp leaders. The kindness these girls shared with one another is of a variety that many of us could learn from! The last day of camp was spent exchanging camp t-shirts to sign, something to remember each other by, and lots of group hugs.

Even though this was our smallest group of the summer, it was so incredibly full of laughter, joy, silly moments, and kindness.



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