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Expanding Knowledge

Since 2002, LCFASD has trained and supported FASD diagnostic and assessment teams across Canada by providing comprehensive FASD training services. In July 2011, the Alberta Cross- Ministry Committee (FASD-CMC) provided funding to develop, facilitate and deliver a continuum of training, resources and supports for Alberta FASD Assessment & Diagnostic Clinics and their team members through a partnership with the Rajani FASD Diagnostic Training Services.

This service delivers FASD diagnostic clinic training, tailored to meet clinic coordinator and diagnostic/assessment teams’ needs and specific training requests. The Rajani Clinic Training Services prides itself on the ability to adapt and evolve with new research, best practices, and changes in the field. Capacity building can also be provided to assist communities prepare for FASD specific services.

A dedicated Training Coordinator facilitates annual clinician and targeted training upon request.

The Rajani Clinic Training Service:

  • Provides FASD Assessment and Diagnostic training on the revised Canadian FASD Diagnostic Guideline (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: a guideline across the lifespan, 2015)
  • Continues to support teams through a mentorship model to increase the confidence level of teams
  • Delivers peer training by our professional training team:
    • Pediatricians, with expertise and extensive background in FASD diagnosis;
    • Registered Psychologists-Ph.D.,
    • Speech Language Pathologist;
    • Forensic Psychiatrist;
    • Clinic Coordinator trainer
  • Uses telehealth; face-face; individual team training; and large group training events

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Yes. Training materials, Powerpoints and resources are provided.

Yes, our trainers are willing to travel to your community, as long as there is sufficient notice to arrange details and travel arrangements.  We have delivered training across Alberta; Nunavut; Newfoundland and Labrador; Quebec, Saskatchewan, and other urban, rural and remote regions throughout Canada.

The costs of training will vary, dependent on the location, length, mode of training and specific group requests.   The clinic training coordinator will be pleased to have a conversation with you to discuss your needs.

This is dependent on the training agenda and focus.   In some past events, we have been accredited for Main Pro+ and MOC-3 credits for Physicians. Participants will receive a certificate indicating number of hours and type of training.

For more information on current training or to discuss your specific training needs:

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