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Mentorship Story

One day, during a trip into town for an appointment, one of the young ladies that I was assisting informed me that her friend had asked her what kind of work I did for her. I asked her how she responded and she replied, “I told her that I don’t have a mom, and that you kind of help me with all the things I think my mom would if she were around. I told her how you help me make decisions and teach me things about taking care of my baby and make sure we make it to all our appointments. I told her how I feel like I can tell you anything, and you’re always there to help me even when I screw up.”


Transition Success Story

Bobby always had a strong interest in heavy duty equipment and mechanics. When he reached high school, this interest flourished as he gained real hands on experience by enrolling himself in several technician courses. While Bobby’s support network recognized his desire to pursue a career as a Heavy Duty Technician, they were nervous as this meant he would have to move away for further learning. When he was accepted into the Pre-Employment Heavy Duty Mechanic Program through Portage College, Transition Services helped prepare Bobby for independent living and secondary schooling by connecting him with new supports and a local FASD worker in his new community.


Camp Story

On a Wednesday of a particularly busy week of camp, the diverse group of 11-13 year-old boys had started getting on each others’ nerves. The camp leaders gave the boys cardboard, tape, and freedom to make whatever they wanted: construction night is a perfect combination of artistic creativity and mechanical abilities. All the boys worked together to build an impressive and massive fort! Throughout the evening they talked about their lives and struggles and realized how similar they were. The campers learnt that they were not alone. Although it may not have resolved all conflict for the week, the boys truly bonded and made lasting friendships.


A 2nd Chance

I came to the 2nd Floor Recovery Centre on August 13, 2015. It was beneficial for me to leave Red Deer where I had used every day for 15 years and came to Cold Lake. My addiction took over my life. It felt impossible to get out of it. I thought I would die. The 2nd Floor saved my life. I didn’t feel anything when I arrived, I was completely numb. I couldn’t think clearly, I was so shy I barely talked to anybody and kept to myself.

The 2nd Floor got me stable.  I’m able to feel again and think clearly. I learned to open up and trust others. I was able to make some close relationships with women, the staff and other clients. Before coming to the centre I had no female friends. I now have many and one best friend. I’m now strong enough to return to Red Deer.




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The Lakeland Centre For Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (LCFASD) is a not-for-profit organization with offices throughout northeast Alberta to provide a helping hand to people at any age or stage of life. Since 1994, the LCFASD has been on the forefront of providing lifelong care for children and women affected by substance use during pregnancy. From birth through to adulthood, we’re there educating, nurturing and supporting people from all walks of life.


We've made it easy for anyone who cares about preventing and treating FASD to help. In less than a minute and for less than the price of a cup of coffee you could make a huge change in a child's future.

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