A Helping Hand

While the problems caused by FASD last a lifetime, early intervention to build up a caring, knowledgeable support network can mean those problems don’t have to stop a child from living a healthy, happy and successful life.


Because all kids are meant to play, imagine, and build their successful future


Children's Team

Our children's team is a robust group of health professionals--Diagnostic Coordinator, Paediatrician, Social worker, Nurse, Neuro-Psychologist, Family Support Worker, SLP, OT, and a Cultural Liaison and/or Mental Health Worker as required. Assessment & Diagnostic Clinics for children take place twice monthly.

Complex Youth Clinic

Complex Youth Clinic team members are chosen by the Clinic Coordinator and determined by a youth’s unique needs. Complex Youth Clinics happen based on the needs of youth clients.


The LCFASD’s Child & Family Coordinators focus on helping parents, guardians and teachers to meet the needs of a child diagnosed with FASD. Coordinators identify services within the community and necessary referrals to help improve the quality of life for the diagnosed child, parents and siblings.

The goal of Child & Family Outreach Services is to provide coordinated services for a period of six months with continued support services available on an as-needed basis. The ultimate goal of Child & Family Services is to support the parent/caregiver in becoming an effective advocate for the child.



Moving into adulthood—better known now as #adulting—can be especially taxing for people with FASD, so we’re here to help with making the transition a little easier. Click here to learn more about our transition services.

Do you know a child or youth who needs our help?


The Joanne Lussier Ring

Post Secondary Education $500 Scholarship

Joanne Lussier Ring was one of the LCFASD’s first employees and was with the centre for 10 years. Joanne’s passion for helping and working with children diagnosed with FASD led to her being instrumental in developing the LCFASD model of work for our outreach role. Upon her retirement, this scholarship was established in her name.

Application deadline: July 31

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