The 2nd Floor


Women’s Recovery Centre

Welcome to the 2nd Floor, we are here to support you.

The 2nd Floor Women’s Recovery Centre is a  live-in addiction recovery centre exclusively for women. Priority is given to women who are pregnant, or at risk of getting pregnant. You do not have to be pregnant to attend the 2nd Floor.

This 9 bed facility in Cold Lake, Alberta focuses on supporting women with problematic substance use in order to help them develop healthy lifestyles and have healthy children in the future. We work to create individual treatment plans for every woman, taking account each client’s unique circumstances, followed by an aftercare plan that builds a support network to assist her in her recovery journey.

If you have questions, you can call us 24/7 at 780.594.9903

MHSPA Licence


Do you want to know what to expect at the 2nd Floor? Our Client Handbook has all the information that you need.

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We are located in Cold Lake, Alberta

4823- 50th Street

T9M 1P1

Call Toll Free- 1-877-594-5454


Fax- 780-594-9907

We are a 9-bed live-in addiction recovery facility for self-identified women.  We offer individual programming to pregnant women or women at risk of getting pregnant.

To be considered for our program you must send a completed referral package & pre-admission medical assessment. You can find our referral package, pre-admission medical assessment above!  Questions while filling it out? Call us at 780.594.9903!

Due to the complications in detoxification, especially during pregnancy, we are unable to provide detox at the 2nd Floor. Pregnant clients are required to attend a 5-7 day, medically supervised detox.

Non-pregnant clients who are unable to remain sober prior to their intake date will be advised to attend a 5-7 day medically supervised detox.

Yes, the initial interview can be done on the phone with the client and the referral agency. The client will need to be physically present at the 2nd Floor for the Formal Intake.

We accept any woman aged 15+ who is, or is at risk of becoming pregnant. We do accept women who are not pregnant, and are in their child bearing years and at risk of future drug or alcohol affected pregnancies.

All women are accepted for a 42 day program.

Pregnant clients can stay until approximately 1 month before their baby is born.  Women are welcome to come at any time during their pregnancy- the earlier the better.

Discharge dates are based on each woman’s Individual Recovery Plan.

There is no cost to Client to attend 2nd Floor. Fees are covered by the Government of Alberta. Clients are responsible for personal spending money which may include items such as toiletries, snacks, clothing, outstanding medical expenses or paying bills while at 2nd Floor.

Note: 2nd Floor does not cover costs associated with the Pre-Admission Medical Assessment or transportation to/from 2nd Floor for Intake/discharge.

Our programming is based in an IRP, Individual Recovery Plan that is holistic, relationship based and harm reduction focused.

Programming at the 2nd Floor includes:

  • counselling (group sessions & 1:1)
  • strength identification and life skills building
  • cultural connectivity
  • alternative therapies (massage, reiki, yoga, drumming, meditation, art)
  • volunteering in the community
  • relationship/family/parenting skills, prenatal education
  • appointments with health practitioners (as needed)
  • other components as required by the Client.

Each woman will have individual sessions with our Counsellor.

There is also access to group counselling, informal group sessions, peer facilitated self-help groups and other treatment options. Each Individual Recovery Plan will be set up to meet the needs and abilities of each woman.

After Care planning begins during the first week of each woman’s stay and is a transition plan to assist each woman to return to her community or community of her choice.  Each woman will be assisted in building a network of supports- contacting them and beginning to form relationships that will support clients when they leave the 2nd Floor.

Yes. No one can enter the facility without permission.

We are unable to accommodate children in our facility. The 2nd Floor works with women and their support services to continue to stay connected. This may look like scheduled supervised or unsupervised visits, scheduled phone calls, video chats or sending letters.

Women will be able to send and receive mail at the 2nd Floor.  Clients will work with the Case Coordinator to determine a phone call schedule.

Contact and healthy communication will be encouraged during recovery in order to strengthen relationships with children, spouses, extended family, etc.

Yes, personal property will be searched upon admission. There will be random room searches when contraband is suspected, and/or upon return from outside the centre.

If a woman AWOLs, she may be required to attend a medical examination. AWOL, contraband, or other “rule breaking” behaviour will be treated on an individual basis. If a client and program staff decide to continue her stay at the 2nd Floor, her IRP will be tailored to better suit her needs.

Yes, we accept women on other maintenance programs.

Some will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact us if you have any questions related to medications.

The 2nd Floor has six scheduled smoke breaks per day. Women will be allowed scheduled smoke breaks in an outside smoking area and with a 2nd Floor team member present.

Clients have access to an in-house Nurse who will address any health concerns you may have. Clients will have access to healthcare professionals in the community as needed.

The 2nd Floor will be staffed at all times. There will be double staffing when there are more than 3 residents and/or when required.