July 2, 2018 | In:

Another round of summer camp is nearing and I am remembering how great it is to be surprised when things go better than expected.

Each week we go to Cold Lake Provincial Park where we met with a Parks Interpreter who always had fun games and activities for us to do. Our last week of camp was Boys 14-17. These boys are nearly adults and most of them are bigger than us leaders! We are generally leery about activities that require physical contact, as they can easily escalate and get out of hand. When our Parks Interpreter, who had led us through a bunch of amazing activities throughout the summer already, introduced a game called Ninja that involved whacking each other with a pool noodle, all of us leaders exchanged worrisome looks. This could get out of hand easily, but we followed her lead and were very excited and surprised to see the results. The boys loved the game! They all wanted the opportunity to be the ninja (there is only one ninja at a time) and were respectful of sharing and following the rules. For the rest of the week Ninja was our go to game!



The Lakeland Centre for FASD provides cost-free programs and services in the Cold Lake, Bonnyville, St. Paul and Lac la Biche areas, as well as on First Nations and Métis Settlements through Alberta.

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