INSPIRATIONAL AWARDS- Sandy Boyd & Crystal Gardiner

July 17, 2018 | In:

LCFASD is very proud to recognize Sandy Boyd and Crystal Gardiner with our 2018 Inspirational Awards. This award goes to the person who has inspired their colleagues to work harder, see another perspective, demonstrated real compassion, or their overall performance has been an inspiration.

SANDY BOYD is a pleasure to see on shift. She is compassionate, caring. She is a calming energy for our clients, and is eager to share her knowledge and skills with our clients. She taught our girls how to ‘loom’ – the girls were SO excited to show staff the toques they knit for themselves and for their babies. By sharing her skill, this transferred to our clients learning something new, and having immense pride in themselves.  Congratulations Sandy!

CRYSTAL GARDINER is the glue that keeps the office running, she is always smiling and willing to help anyone that needs it. She is dedicated and very rarely away from the office and does thing behind the scenes that may be taken for granted, but don’t go unnoticed. She treats everyone with respect and dignity. Congratulations Crystal!

*pictures are taken with Audrey McFarlane, our Executive Director,  Stephanie Oleksyn, our Board Chair and Lisa Murphy, our Program Manager.





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