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About our Staff- Braden

February 28, 2024 | In:

I am the Employment Coordinator for the Lakeland Centre for FASD covering the St Paul and Lac la Biche areas, working out of the St Paul office. My primary role is to support adults with FASD to develop job skills and find meaningful employment.

 I am new to the agency, having the good fortune to have begun my role in January of 2024 and I could not be more excited to be a part of this team. I have worked for more than 7 years supporting individuals with special needs at other agencies in the community and am thrilled to take the skills I have developed during that time and expand to help in other communities in the Lakeland area now as well. I love being in this line of work, as there is a special feeling you get from seeing the positive impact one can make when working with our individuals that cannot be compared.

When I moved to St Paul in 2010, I quickly began planting my roots and now proudly call St Paul my home. I love that rarely does a day go by when I’m in the community that I don’t run into someone I know now. When I’m outside of the office I spend my time either with my family or working on one of my countless hobbies. Nothing on this Earth makes me happier than spreading my inner light to others through caring, compassion and creativity. And as I always say, “Take care, have fun, and do good.”     



The Lakeland Centre for FASD provides cost-free programs and services in the Cold Lake, Bonnyville, St. Paul and Lac la Biche areas, as well as on First Nations and Métis Settlements through Alberta.

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