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Hello Lakeland community, my name is Michele Huszar and I am the Program Developer, Accreditation Coordinator and Supervisor of the Transitional Housing Program for the Lakeland Centre for FASD. I have worked for the Lakeland Centre for five years now but eight years in total. This is my second time to work for the organization where I took a break to start my own business.  I now work 2/3 of the time at the Lakeland Centre for FASD and 1/3 of the time as a Natural Health Therapist.

 My position as Program Developer allows me to work in many areas in developing projects and guiding them to fruition.  I thrive on working creatively through the development of new ideas and my position allows this through my work. As Program Developer I am tasked with writing grants, fundraising initiatives, development of a social enterprises, building stakeholder relations, managing the Mocktail Magic Bar Service, managing the Transitional Housing Program, leading the Lakeland Centre for FASD in hosting its biannual FASD Conference, and leading the organization through the accreditation process through Accreditation Canada. Creating new initiatives, meeting and networking with community supporters, working with a team or by myself creates the perfect balance for me to excel and provide my best work for the Lakeland Centre.

I have lived in Cold Lake for almost 16 years allowing my love of nature to thrive in this Lakeland region. I have a passion for the outdoors and natural health therapies which is why you can find me working in my huge yard or riding my own motorcycle with husband or continuing my studies in the natural health field. In my spare time my commitment to my community keeps me busy as a volunteer to support not for profits close to my heart. I am currently the Vice-President of the Reflexology Association of Canada and on the Ethics Committee for the Natural Health Practitioner’s of Canada.



The Lakeland Centre for FASD provides cost-free programs and services in the Cold Lake, Bonnyville, St. Paul and Lac la Biche areas, as well as on First Nations and Métis Settlements through Alberta.

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