LEADERSHIP AWARDS-Lisa Murphy & Della Thalheimer

July 18, 2018 | In:

LCFASD is very proud to recognize Lisa Murphy and Della Thalheimer with our 2018 Leadership Awards. This award is to recognize an employee for their leadership ability. This does not have to be someone in a supervisory role – it could be leadership over a specific project or someone who has shown personal leadership within a team.

LISA MURPHY has been with the agency for a long time and has worked in almost all the programs at one point. She is hard working and passionate about FASD. It is exciting to me that she receives this award this year and is seen by her collogues as a leader as she evolves into the corner office and the role of leader of LCFASD. Congratulations Lisa!!

DELLA THALHEIMER continues to be a shining example of dedication and hard work. She still enters each shift with the eagerness to learn new things and provide a positive presence in the lives of the clients and staff. She has gained respect and admiration from each staff member, each will approach her with questions or seek guidance in tasks that they are completing. We all recognize that this staff member has knowledge and experience that each staff member can benefit from. Congratulations Della!

*pictures are taken with Audrey McFarlane, our Executive Director and Stephanie Oleksyn, our Board Chair.





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