Remember to Smile

March 23, 2020 in:

Life isn’t always easy and sometimes it’s just plain hectic and stressful. As humans, we all have these days.  When times are difficult, a simple smile can be extremely helpful. It is a powerful expression that can make a big difference to you and others around you, and it is completely free and infectious.

There are many things that can bring out a smile; maybe it’s your dog, your child or grandchild, funny movies or a hobby that you love. I am fortunate to have many people and things that I love that make me smile. One of those things is photography. Photography captures moments and beauty in our everyday lives. It holds a mirror up to people and shows us what is real. It reminds us what is important in our lives.

With everything going on today, I thought I would capture some smiles of my co-workers and share them in hopes they would be enjoyed. I gave them no warning and I surprised them all with a lens suddenly appearing and requested them to smile; to “SMILE BIG!” They all did, and it was accompanied by some giggles as well. I smiled and so did the people around us.

Small and simple things can make us smile. It’s important for you and the others around you.