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The best way to end FASD is information. We believe that when expectant mothers, caregivers, their support systems and people living with FASD are given enough information we will empower individuals from all walks of life to make positive change in our world.

Virgin Caesar

August 31, 2020 in:

The Lakeland Centre for FASD offers a Mocktail service to the Lakeland area and we would like to share with you some of our favorite recipes! Run a lemon slice around edge of glass and then dip glass in Rimmer and add ice. ¾ cup of Clamato Juice Dash of Worcestershire Sauce Dash of Tabasco…

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Virtual Mocktail Challenge

August 27, 2020 in:

The Lakeland Centre for FASD invites you to our Virtual Mocktail Challenge for FASD Day! (September 9th) Send us a video or photo of your mocktail along with it’s name and list of ingredients for a chance to win a prize pack from local businesses! The winner will be chosen on appearance and creativity of…

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Employment Services

August 24, 2020 in:

In honour of our 20-year anniversary we wanted to share our unique custom-made programs that we offer here at the Lakeland Centre for FASD. So, every month we will highlight a new program, this month is Employment Services! Employment services helps individuals navigate the pathway to find meaningful employment. Employment Coordinators support individuals in work…

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